Pressure Cooker For Ready To Eat Foods

Our  Pressure Cookers for ready to eat food industries are quite popular and is being used by various ready to eat food manufacturers.

The salient features are:

  • All pressure cookers are designed for tilt-able arrangement so that to facilitate unloading of boiled food.
  • The pressure cookers are designed with auto release of pressures with the Highly stable / reliable  Pressure Sensors and digital pressure controller.
  •  Each pressure cooker is provided with two nos. of pressure  release valves and two nos. of pressure sensors for safety.
  • The Mechanical / electronic  interlocking is provided so that to ensure that cooker cover is not opened until unless the pressure inside is fully released.
  •  In case of auto pressure cum temperature controlled Pressure cooker the steam flow control is used to ensure that the temperature / pressure inside the cooker is maintained at the desired level. The pressure / temperature inside the cooker can be set electronically from the instrument provided in the control panel.
  • The Pressure cooker are designed for heating with steam only & are supplied with the necessary steam traps with bypass valves
  •  the outer jacket of the pressure cooker is insulated except the top cover.
  • In case of higher capacity the top door of pressure cooker is provided with mechanical / pneumatic or hydraulic Door Opening facility.

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