Boiling Pans & Kettles

We  manufacture the Boiling pans and Kettles used in Food & Pharma Industries.

The  following type of boiling Pans / kettles are manufactured.

  • Tilt-able  Boiling Pans having small capacity having volume of up to 500 Ltrs having hemispherical bottom suitable for Heating with Stem / Hot liquid. These Pans are provided with jacket for circulation steam / Hot liquid and finally insulated.
  • One can have choice of having these pans with agitator, mixer or scrapper.
  • Even it is possible to have these pans with two speed agitator cum scrapper moving in opposite directions.provision can be made for two speed mixer.
  • In case of higher capacity the pans shall be fixed type supported on the tubular legs / lugs.
  • Similar way the kettles can also be supplied with Flat / conical / dished end bottom and top with loose / fixed cover.
  • In case of kettles the shell is provided with the dimple jacket suitable for circulation of steam / hot / cold water.
  • The dimple jacket kettles are tested at 6 bar hence one need not use syphon for draining the liquid in the jacket. these jackets are suitable to work with on line supply of hot / cold water / steam up to a pressure of 4 bar
  • However in case above standard designs are not suitable for particular requirement, one can very well ask to redesign the Pans/ Kettles to suit individual requirement.

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