Juice & Beverage Machinary

VED Engineering is leading manufacturer of best in class equipment for fruit & milk based beverages,carbonated soft drinks(CSD),NCD,raw fruit handling & fruit pulp processing & packaging equipment.

Syrup Cooler

Return Juice Cooler

Pasteurizer Plate Pack

Juice Pasteurizer

It consists of:-

-Fully automatic with provision to fill past.juice at higher temp.

-The juice pasteurizer are supplied on skid mounted modular units designed on the basis of p[lug and play

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Sugar Dissolver Tanks

Sugar dissolving tank with dimple jacket for heating duly insulated & clad with stainless steel sheet.The tank is provided with suitable agitator.

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Blending Tanks

We manufacture the Blending Tanks in Juice & Beverage Industries.

The following type of Blending Tanks are manufactured.

Blending and Mixing Tanks are available having the Volumetric Capacity of 500 Litres to 5,000 Litres. These Tanks can be single walled or with Dimple Jacket

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Flow Plates

We manufacture various type of Flow Plates and key stations for interconnecting various process vessels / Tanks for Hygienic use in Dairy, pharma and Beverage Industries.
The various Flow plates offered by us are:

Two inlet with three / four/ six outlets

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Sugar Syrup & Beverage Preparation Line

We specialises for the complete sugar dissolving system including including beverage preparation required for soft drink plants,ketchup plants,ice candy manufacturing & pharmaceutical products specially syrup manufacturing.

The equipment offered are:-

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Cooling Tunnel

30 BPM Filling Machine

60 BPM Filling Machine

90 BPM Filling Machine

120 BPM Filling Machine

Bottle caping Machine

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Bottle Gum Labeling Machine