Ice Cream Plants

We manufacture, commission and offer the installation of ice cream plants and they can produce cream line capacity from 100 liters/shift to 1000 liters/shift. They include batch pasteurizer milk pump, homogenizer, plate type chiller, and aging vat etc.We provide the plants to all leading ice cream manufacturers and at competitive prices.

Aging Vats

Ice cream mix is aged at 40F (5C) for at least 4 hours or overnight. Aging the mix cools it down before freezing, allows the milk fat to partially crystallize and the gives the proteins stabilizers time to hydrate. This improves the whipping properties of the mix.

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Batch Pasteurizers For Ice-Cream Mix

Blend the Ice Cream Mixture
The milk fat source, nonfat solids, stabilizers and emulsifiers are blended to ensure complete mixing of liquid and dry ingredients.

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Ice Cream Mix Pasteurizer

Ice cream mix is pasteurized at 155F (68.3C) for 30 minutes or 175F (79.4C) for 25 sec. The conditions used to pasteurize ice cream mix are greater than those used for fluid milk because of increased viscosity from the higher fat, solids, and sweetener content, and the addition of egg yolks in custard products.

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Salient features

Heavy duty zinc coated frame
Covering panel made from S. S. 304 quality
Two stage homogenization
Low RPM plunger pump

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