Chaach Pasteurizer

Capacities starting from 200 LPH to 20,000 LPH:-

System consists of following features:-

a) A hot water generation system:-

-Steam pipe with bypass assembly to transfer steam from boiler to hot water PHE.The pipeline consists of auto control steam valves,gun metal valves and pressure gauges.

-Hot water PHE to generate hot water from steam.The outlet of PHE consists of steam trap for effective condensation and creating back pressure for steam.

-The system consists of hot water pump,buffer vessel,safety valve and make up line for water.
b)Milk pasteurizer PHE plate pack:-

 -The multisection PHE plate pack is used to heat the milk from room temp. to pasteurisation temp.Milk gets hold in holding tube and is chilled back to 4 degree celcius after pasteurisation.

-Provision of milk separator and homogenizer.

-Regeneration efficiency upto 93%
c) Auto Control Valve:-

Auto Control Valve to forward/divert the milk in case the temp.reaches the seat point.

-Balance tank

-Transfer pump

-Milk pipeline and water pipeline

e)Electrical Panel

-Panel to start motors

-Flow controller for milk

-Steam controller for steam

-On/Off;Auto/Manual;Forward/Divert Switches;
f) Holding tube to hold milk from 20 sec. to 15 mins. depending upon the process

g) SS skid frame to mount all the accessories.

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